I'm just being honest about my body. With Freddy McConnell.

Episode 9,   Apr 01, 2021, 11:00 PM

This week I spoke to the journalist, film maker and dad who gave birth, Freddy McConnell. While we both carried our children, both gave birth in pools and both write about the experience, as a queer parent, Freddy has taught me loads about the panic years that I may never have understood on my own. I loved talking to him about being a single dad, gender and how many of us have been misinformed about fertility.

You can follow Freddy on Twitter at @FreddyMcConnell https://twitter.com/freddymcconnell and on Instagram at @freddy.mcconnell https://www.instagram.com/freddy.mcconnell/?hl=en

I also interviewed the CEO of Gendered Intelligence, Jay Stewart to find out more about gender, trans parenting and LGBT families.

You can follow Gendered Intelligence on Twitter at @GenderedIntell https://twitter.com/Genderintell and on Instagram at @GenderedIntelligence https://www.instagram.com/genderedintelligence/?hl=en

Or visit their website at http://genderedintelligence.co.uk