Ready To Meet Em

Season 7, Episode 75,   Apr 13, 2021, 04:00 AM

0:00 – 13:14:00
                DMX prayes for Diddy and the Bad boy reunion tour
                DMX- Ready to Meet Em
                DMX – Let Me Fly
                DMX – It is On
The industry reacts to the death of DMX

DjEfsclusive introduces the show and speaks on the sudden need to discuss addiction using DMX to drive interest.

13:14:00 –  22:55:00 Hassan Campbell disrespects DMX to make a point about drug dealers

22:55:00 – 25:50:00 Roxanne Shante speaks on DMX and why she does not smoke or drink

25:50:00 – 29:49:00  DjEfsclusive Calls people out for using their platform to disrespect with addictions 

29:49:00 -  32:12:00
                DMX – My N*ggas
                LL Cool J Ft DMX – 4321
                Mase Ft DMX – 24 Hours To Live

32:12:00 – 34:30:30 DMX disses Drake for refusing to work with Aaliyah’s team. 

 Say’s he sounds like a washing machine.

34:30:30 – 40:19:00 DjEfsclusive addresses people posting DMX when they did not mess with

D while he was alive.  She also addresses local people for doing the same thing.

40:19:00 –  44:00:00
                DMX – How’s it going down
                DMX – Some X Ish 
                Foxy Brown Ft DMX – A Dog And A Fox

44:00:00 –  47:00:00 DMX tells a story about R. Kelly refusing to do a song with him 

Meanwhile details Kelly being in the room with a minor at the time.

47:00:00 – 1:05:00 DjEfsclusive talks about trey songs and TI sex abuse cases.

                50:22:00 -52:24:00  Celina Powell speaks on Trey songz peeing on her and refusing to let her leave after several rounds of sex.  

                54:19:00 – 57:00:00 Youtuber Celeb Source details new accusations in TI and Tiny Case

1:05:00 – 1:11:00
                DMX – What These B*tches Want
                Mase Ft DMX – Take What’s Yours
                Black Rob Speaks On DMX
                Black Rob Ft The Madd Rapper – I Love You Baby
                Black Rob – I Dare You 
                Black Rob – Woah

1:11:00 – 1:21:00 DjEfsclusive speaks On Black Rob being homeless 

1:21:00 – 1:33:00 – Miss Jones tells Flip about when HOT97 fired JoeBudden for her

With the help of DJenvy and much more

1:33:00 – End
                Rapid fire Nothinness