#37 Ikigai with Adrian Hawley

Episode 37,  Apr 19, 2021, 09:00 AM

Ikigai is a Japanese concept the means “reason for being.” Similar to French term “raison d’etre.”  

This episode will be of interest to people who often feel as if they’re in the wrong job, but suffer from the frustration of not knowing exactly what it is, they want to do.

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In this weeks podcast Rachael and John are joined by the inspirational Adrian Hawley: Head of Court of Protection at Partners In Costs, Chairman of Headway Huddersfield and Open Water Swimmer.

Adrian shares his wonderful story of how with Rachael’s coaching he has used Ikigai to organise his hectic work life balance. After working in vastly different jobs and roles, he talks about how he feels that he is living his true life purpose.

There are some wonderful leadership lessons in here; despite all of Adrian’s commitments you are left thinking that he is someone who manages to create time for everyone, that there’s value in being curious and he exudes generosity.

Adrian’s Leadership Essentials:

1. Braindump - Get things out of your head and down on paper. It will help you think more clearly.

2. Do something daring, do something different, something you’ve not done before.

3. Share your niche learnings with other colleagues. Investment in sharing your knowledge pays dividends later.