S3 Ep7: I Move Therefore I Think - Lara Milward

Apr 19, 03:04 PM
Let me introduce this week's amazing guest with a quote about her:

“If Superman and WonderWoman had a love child it would be Lara”
Richard Reed CBE, Founder of Innocent

Lara Milward is an athlete, entrepreneur, mother, leader and advocate.

She believes that the physical and the psychological are intrinsically linked. She believes that ‘I move therefore I think’ and that confidence can be trained just like a physical muscle. She believes every societal malaise, both physical and psychological, can be treated with movement.

Lara is the author of Fit as A Fiddle for the Sunday Times fitness; she's the Official Fitness Partner of the Virgin Strive Challenge and a mentor for the Allbright Club and Regenerate.
Her business is The Leadership High - which helps transforms people by harnessing their psychological and physical power to become better leaders, better teams and better decision makers

Lara lives in London with her husband and 2 children, Austin & Kiera.

Here's her website to find out more and do follow her Cross Fit exploits on Instagram @laramilward

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Richard x

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