Bad Boy and The Family

Season 7, Episode 76,   Apr 20, 2021, 10:00 AM

In this Episode, DjEfsclusive digs deep into the history of bad boy records to deliver an episode that is designed to make the listeners consider how much Diddy may be at fault when it comes to the death of Black Rob.

DjEfsclusive starts the show with the death of Puff's father Melvin combs and works all the way down to the East Coast-West Coast beef and her belief that it was started by Suge and Puff due to their issues and had very little to do with Pac and big.

Using several clips from various interviews from the likes of Andre Harell, Lyor Cohen, Gene Deal, Noreaga, Black Rob, The Lox, and Mase DJefsclusive breaks down the history of bad boy and how they used Black Rob.

You will hear Black rob speak about Puff dropping him off of his medical insurance disabling him from getting his meds.  You will hear black rob debunk Choke no joke by confirming that he has not been in contact with diddy and based on his last wish that he Mark Curry and Diddy speak again  

one calls BS on DJ envy and this manager that managed his artist into homelessness.  What homeless person needs a manager?

Take a ride into the history of bad boy records.