PPP Prision

Season 8, Episode 80,   May 18, 2021, 04:00 AM

Nas - If I Ruled The World
R. Kelly Ft Nas - Did You Ever Think Remix
50 Cent - I Get Money 
Cassidy - I'm A Hustla 

DjEfsclusive breaks down today's episode and talks about her experience with someone applying for a grant for her before everyone went PPP loan crazy.
Understanding that PPP loans are not free money and people offering to do it are scammers.

2Pac - Picture Me Rollin
Freeway - What We do
Rick Ross - So Sophisticated
Nipsey Hussle - Racks In The Middle
Bandman Kevo Speaks on the feds setting people up with PPP loans
DJEfsclusive further breaks down the false narratives of PPP Loans online
Couple gets arrested for stealing over 5 million from Covid Relief funds
PPP loan scheme scams 7.2 million from PPP loans 
DjEfsclusive Breaks Down the PPP Loan list site

Tee Grizzley - First Day Out
Morray - Quicksand
Jr Mafia - Get Money
Jim Jones - We Fly High
SBA Audits have begun and thousands of fraudsters are currently under federal investigation and you can be next.  Here is what you can do.
Rapidfire nothingness
-Olivia Dope claims she was sexually harrassed by Joe Budden
-Lil Reece Shooting
-Nicki Minaj Needs To Retire
-New Music Fridays
-Nothin Motivation

J Cole - Applying Pressure