Episode 10

Jun 11, 08:00 AM
**We have spent some money on some new equipment (for your listening pleasure) - So we now sound silky smooth and will do moving forward. Thank you so much for your patience!!**

Three best friends sit and take a comedic approach at the only subject they know, cars.

In this weeks episode...

- Bulge goes to Caffeine & Machine. 

- We touch on the latest F1 race at Baku. 

- Niall pokes around a Tesla, jon and bulge gets confused by the vegan leather. 

- We discuss our lottery win cars as well as our “realistic” dream cars. 

- Bulges car game *air horn* makes yet another return (you haven’t said stop so we are carrying on!)

- Niall tells a story which is 50% truth and 50% pure fabrication. 

We release an episode every fortnight. 

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