Stop Union Bosses Rorts

May 07, 2012, 11:33 PM, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Last night, after and investigation taking longer than the Korean War, Fair Work Australia released its findings on former Secretary of the Health Services Union, Craig Thompson - something CANdo has been consistently campaigning for.

How what appears to be essentially an open and shut case took so long is beyond comprehension!

When all of this is over, there should be a Royal Commission into FWA. Is our independent umpire playing politics? Has the Gillard government been applying political pressure on FWA to keep a lid on its findings?

For someone earning $40000 a year, $600 in union fees is a significant amount of money. To see an official report finally finding massive corruption by union officials and that Craig Thomson MP gave false and misleading information must disturb not only HSU members. All union members must be concerned. No union is subject to proper regulation. No union operates under the standards which apply to corporate Australia. Why has the government for so long done nothing? Why has Julia Gillard and Bill Shorten allowed union bosses to treat their members' money as some sort of personal piggy bank?

Stop the Union Bosses Rorts! #hsu #unions #Rorts #FWA