#53 Facing racism in life and motherhood

Season 5, Episode 2,   Jul 20, 2021, 11:00 PM

The Finally Pregnant podcast is a place where everyone should feel safe sharing their story, no matter race, sex, religion, background. Sadly not everyone in the world has this attitude and following on from England losing the final of the Euros last week we saw an obscene and unacceptable outpouring of racism - particularly across social media.

Speaking with Nikki - who is my lovely Pilates Sessions' teacher - she shared the impact racism has had on her life before, during pregnancy and as a mother to a black child. It is heartbreaking to hear, and hard for her to share, but I am honoured that she accepted my invitation to share her story on this week's episode of the podcast. As always, I hope you get lots from listening and would love to hear your thoughts.

Within the episode I mention the Five X More campaign - which you can also follow on instagram.

I also share that I have previously offered what I have called a 'community' place on my Yoga and Pilates Sessions each month to someone who has had a particularly difficult journey or who can't afford to join but would like to be part of it. I'm now sharing this as I want more people to know those places are available and I also want to ensure that at least one of those places is offered to a someone from a black, Asian or minority ethic background. Please contact me if you want to find out more or sign up to my emails here.

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