Ed Woolner, GM Feel Good Drinks Company: Closing down, Managing stakeholders and cashflow.

Season 2, Episode 2,  Jul 30, 2021, 02:15 PM

In this episode Ed Woolner shares with us the story of POW, an energy drinks company that he founded in 2014 and closed down in 2018. Ed speaks openly about deciding to close the business down after building up wide distribution in the multiples. 

Growing up in wales Ed knew from a young age he wanted to live by the sea and never left it moving from Swansea to West Dorset straight after University. After four years at the world’s first Fairtrade Organic Tea business Clipper, he developed a passion for fast moving entrepreunerial business; leading to a career of building brands and businesses from the ground up. In 2008 Ed joined Monster Energy and spend 5 years growing the UK and Irish business to over 90m. This journey inspired him to start his own business The Powerful Water company, which launched in 2014 took on the challenge of bringing health to the energy category. After four challenging years, some great distribution and a lot of learning the business was shut down in 2018. With 14 years experience in soft drinks Ed set up an incubator for Nichols PLC in 2019 and launched the purpose driven soft drinks brand Feel Good drinks in 2020 and is on a personal mission to make the world feel better one sip at a time.