Ducks, Drama and Scariest Locations: Diving into Season 3 with the Destination Fear Team

Jul 31, 05:23 PM

From who drives the RV to Shark Week, we enjoyed an unconventional chat with the Destination Fear crew.

Dakota Laden, Tanner Wiseman, and Alex Schroeder graciously spent some time having an unconventional chat with Court about Destination Fear season 3.
Using a combination of questions from fans as well as her own, Court asked things like:
  1. What's up with Dakota's ducks? Are they in every episode and how long have they been doing that? 
  2. Who drives the RV?
  3. How long does it take to research each haunted location?
  4. Would they be down to letting fans pick a location for them?
  5. What's up with the drama this season? Is there more than usual? Is everything okay with them?
  6. Will we see them exploring more fun pre-investigation activities in this season's episodes like they did with the hot air balloon in the Waverly episode? 
  7. How does it feel to have some fans say that they now like Destination Fear more than Ghost Adventures, and congratulate Dakota for surpassing his mentor?
  8. What was the scariest location for them this season? (Beware, there's a warning that comes with this one. We extracted some top secret info from Dakota we had to edit out. We'll share it at a later date when we get the go-ahead from Discovery and Travel Channel.)
  9. Any news on Destination Fear season 4 yet?
  10. Would they rather return to one of their scariest locations or participate in a Shark Week special?

They answer everything and a little bit more. And, as usual, they are just as warm, fun, and lovely as they appear on TV. For which Court was grateful because she was a little under the weather and off her game, but they rolled with all her hiccups. Such a great crew!


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