#55 Finally Pregnant - a partner's perspective

Season 5, Episode 4,   Aug 03, 2021, 11:00 PM

It can be rare to hear the partner's perspective when it comes to TTC and being finally pregnant so I'm really pleased to bring you an episode sharing just that. Chris and his wife Becca are heavily pregnant right now following many years of failed treatment before travelling to Greece for a round of donor IVF.

I'm also excited that I recently recorded a chat with Emma aka Donor child, who shares her unique perspective as a donor conceived child. Make sure you're subscribed to the podcast to know when that goes live!

We also talk add ons. If you're thinking about using any please head to the HFEA to check out their traffic light system first.

If you need more information about getting the Covid vaccination whilst pregnant please head to the RCOG where you will find their vaccination guidelines which are updated regularly.

In addition to my chat with Chris I also share that I am still in my 2WW and, as part of that, am loving listening to my pregnancy Meditations.

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Much love,
Cat x