The Battle Or The War

Season 9, Episode 87,   Sep 13, 2021, 01:54 PM

1. Jay-Z - A Million And One Questions
2. Nas - NY state Of Mind
3. Jay-Z - Friend Or Foe
4. Nas - The World Is Yours

Prodigy speaks on Jay-z being quiet during the war with 2pac
DjEfsclusive speaks on why she believes that Nas Vs Jay-z was staged due to the circumstances that it actually started behind the scene. 
Prodigy speaks on telling Nas that Jay-z is dissing QB, but he ignored him.  Prodigy also speaks on Nas being jealous of him doing more for Queens bridge than he was.
DjEfsclusive breaks down Nas history of being jealous and wanting to be the king of queens.
Cormega speaks on issues with Nas 

5.  Nas - Shoot Em Up
6. Scarface Ft Jay-Z & Beanie Segil - Guess Whose Back
7. Nas - Get Down
8. Jay -Z - Diamonds Is Forever

Prodigy speaks on Nas getting him out the way to drop Ether
Memphis bleek speaks on starting beef with nas
Sway breaks down the audio origin of Nas Vs Jay-Z
 DjEfsclusive connects the dots on Nas motives to attempt to bait Jay into beef
Carmen Nas baby mother speaks on assisting Nas in planning Ether because he was getting slaughtered by Roc-A-Fella after her miscarriage by J.
DjEfsclusive talks about Nas plan to destroy Jay with the original Ether including information about Aaliyah.  Sadly because Aaliyah had passed away Nas is forced to come up with the version of the song that we have till this day. 
Angie Martinez speaks on announcing Jay-Z officially lost the battle as jay walked into the room on a Drink Champs interview
Nas goes off on Hot97 because they were not playing his new records after beating Jay in the battle of the beats.  They then told him that he was not allowed to perform at Summer Jam once it was learned that he planned on hanging jay on stage.
Charlemagne speaks on why Ether is not a good diss song
Sway breaks down the lyrics of both the takeover and ether and exposes some untruths.

9. Jay-z - American Gangsta DjEfsclusive Remix/Blend
10. Nas - Life's A B DjEfsclsive Remix/Blend
11. Jay-Z - Excuse Me Miss DjEfsclusive Remix/Blend
12. Nas - Virgo
13. Jay-Z - You Don't Know
14. Nas - I Can

Jay-z plans a reunion event with Nas in 2002 several years prior to the "I Declare War" show.  was the whole beef staged?
DjKaySlay speaks on falling out with Nas after he made up with Jay-Z and signed to def jam.  He also speaks on being the only Dj that was riding with Nas at first and refusing to allow papoose to sign under him and Jay.
DjEfsclusive breaks down the optics of Nas leaving Columbia to sign to Def Jam under Jay-z

13. Jay-Z - A Week Ago
14. Nas - Got Yourself A gun
15. Jay-Z - Stick To The Script
16. Nas - Hey Nas
Rapid Fire Nothinness