QROT-15: "Nuance or Die", Rights of Conscience, Info World War, "Satanist" and Christian Religious Exemption,

Sep 18, 2021, 11:11 PM

"Nuance or Die" (or, shall we say, nuance is dead)
Right of Conscience.
Wars used to be about preserving or extending your culture over square miles. So are we instead losing American "soil" because of our ideals being swallowed up, and individuals giving in one by one, thanks to corrupt "leaders" who either happily forgo our freedoms directly, or are too scared to actually stand up to them. Before it was fighting to the death for 500 feet. Now... why implement a regular war when you can just extend your new authoritarian "territory" mind by mind. 
Even "Satanist Temple's" alleged tenants SHOULD be standing up for freedom to make your own choice as to having foreign substance injected into you. So... religious exemption.
And a simple basis for your genuine Christian religious exemption.