Allegedly… The Iman Project’s founder, Bree Clarke, uses her race, name and seniority within the Dallas area to *destroy* local small businesses AND their owners.

Episode 8,   Sep 01, 2021, 07:30 PM

Another week, another deep dive… 

Sorry is not enough, when it comes to Bree Clarke. We discuss how Bree uses her status and company to belittle and gaslight women. Specifically, struggling female business owners. We’re not talking about one or two women. No no… try 50+ people over the span of 10 years! 

We talk with Kim O, a former bff and current victim of Bree Clarke. Kim is also a survivor of domestic violence so Bree… you messed with the wrong B! No. More. Abuse. PLEASE SHARE this episode so Bree is forced to be held accountable!

Find Kim at: @kimolusanya

To support Kim’s clothing drive on 10/16 for Domestic Violence Awareness Month
please send *gently used clothes* to:
PO Box 1515 Dallas, TX 75215

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