Allegedly... IYKYK, YK?

Episode 7,   Aug 19, 2021, 01:38 PM

If you know you know, ya know? During this episode we expose, she who shall not be named. Yes, like Voldemort... only less important but equally as vile. We refer to her as, "Blogger Girl" w/ a "Page". She is known for creating a space dedicated to harassing, outing, bullying, belittling and more - Blogger Girl has referred to herself as "human trash" with "no boundaries". She goes after bloggers, influencers, mothers, you name it.

Okay okay... I know you might be thinking: What's the difference between her and us? Listen to find out.

It’s time to stand up to bullying and unsubstantiated hate. No one has the right to snark on you for what you look like OR things you cannot control. The convo on this episode was unplanned and raw. We were able to empathize w/ influencers in ways we didn't before and really examined the vicious cycle of social media.


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