Episode 18

Episode 18,  Oct 01, 2021, 07:44 AM

Three best friends sit and take a comedic approach at the only subject they know, cars.

We’re trying a new style introduction to the episode, this has been in the pipeline for a while but after what was quite possibly the worst start to an episode ever we thought now would be the best time to pilot it! Let us know your thoughts!
  In this weeks episode...
  - Jon finally has a GT3 master cylinder!
 - Bulge has a rusty axle on the “Shonky Old Golf”

- We discuss the very, very annoying fuel “shortage”

- With a new James Bond film now out, we chat about our favourite Bond cars!
- Bulges car game *air horn* (game game game) is still here!

 - Our usual Formula 1 corner is back with plenty to talk about.

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