Episode 21

Episode 21,  Nov 19, 2021, 08:30 AM

Three best friends sit and take a comedic approach at the only subject they know, cars.
In this weeks episode...
- Niall got pulled over for being a silly boy and tells an old story of another time he got pulled over *eye roll* 

- We chat about how insanely difficult it is to fit some headlight bulbs.

- Bulge gives us an update on his *fern fern* lorry driving.

- We didn’t talk about Jon’s track day a few weeks back so we chat about it this week.

- The latest episode of Top Gear gets discussed, including track based cars and the Eddie Kidd tribute.

- Bulges revamped car game (game game game...) *air horn* is a feature.
- Our usual Formula 1 corner is here and we discuss the latest race.

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You ain’t gonna make that jump boy.