How to Become an Artful, Changemaking Leader with Samantha Clarke

Nov 04, 2021, 06:01 PM

I am here today to talk to you about the art and science of leadership. I've been doing a lot of a research into arts and the kind of balance between the beauty of coaching and the interplay of psychotherapy. And in how we can support leaders to really face uncertainty in new ways. In this episode I want to take you through my journey in terms of study, research, and building out my Changemaker programme, where I am working with senior leaders on how do we sustain change in an environment? How do we help our teams communicate better? How do we problem solve differently when the problems are complex and ever changing and require a different sense of innovation? Listen as I take you through possible answers to these questions with 7 core steps of being an artful, changemaking leader.


“We get managers to think artfully about how we crack the code of understanding people.” - Samantha


3.47 - Samantha on her desire to create experiential art-based learning

4.35 - 7 core steps to being an artful, changemaking leader

6.56 - Looking at creative action to solve social, workplace and wellbeing problems

9.40 - How to engage with activities that disrupt usual patterns of thinking

11.19 - Melding the journey between art and science with visioning

14.47 - Knowing how to be a great cross pollinator


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