Promoting Diversity, Inclusion and Equity as a Leader with Trier Bryant

Oct 20, 2021, 02:00 PM

Trier Bryant is the Co-Founder and CEO of Just Work LLC. She co-founded this company to help organizations and individuals create more equitable workplaces. Trier is a strategic executive with distinctive Tech, Wall Street, and military experience spanning over 15 years. She has been featured as an influential diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) practitioner by several publications and outlets from USA Today to CNN and SXSW. Trier has an unwavering commitment to create more equitable, inclusive, and thriving workplaces that produce prosperous companies.

In this episode you can hear us talk about the importance of diversity, inclusion, and equity within companies. How companies can ensure they are tackling these important topics the best way as well as how individuals can challenge bias, prejudice and bullying using Trier’s frameworks. We also cover Trier’s hopes for the future of workplaces and specific actions companies can take to bring about change.

“I don't actually have to know how to do the work. I just have to know how to lead the folks that know how to do the work to get it done and to get it done as effectively and successfully as possible.” - Trier




4.10 - What made it possible for Trier to pivot careers?

8.40 - Find out different ways you can open the hearts and minds of others as a leader

12.47 - Where does the work need to begin for a deep dive into diversity, inclusion and equity?

18.58 - Trier’s framework for fighting bias, prejudice and bullying

31.12 - What happens when power is introduced into the equation?

35.47 - Trier’s hopes for change in how we treat each other at work

48.19 - Trier gives 3 actions you can take today to enact change


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