The Changemaker Certificate: Aligning People with Purpose with Joanne Guy

Oct 06, 2021, 02:36 PM

Today I am joined by another one of my amazing Changemaker Certificate graduates, Joanne Guy. Joanne has been going through the certificate over the last year having built a portfolio career of her own. In this episode Jo gives her views on what the Changemaker Certificate has meant to her, why she was drawn to doing it in the first place and how it has helped to remove the barriers to how she perceived work.


“That’s how it helped, is to really align people with their purpose” - Jo




0.49 - Redefining what success means to us

4.56 - What was the biggest call for Jo to start the Changemaker Certification

8.47 - A deep dive into Section 1 – Be Happy First

14.09 - Thinking about facilitating change in others

24.28 - Looking at phase 3 amplifying the message

27.12 - How Jo removed barriers to how she perceived work


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