Navigate the Great Resign with Samantha Clarke

Sep 08, 2021, 02:00 PM

This week, we are talking about how to navigate the great resign. It's been featured a lot in articles in the BBC and Wired Magazine, talking about workers all over the world quitting their jobs in record numbers. And it's no surprise really, we are seeing very interesting times in terms of the social and physical landscape around work. A lot of companies are starting to implement more of their hybrid working schemes or a full return to work. As a result there is mounting pressure to consider what happens if some of our best talent decides to leave. In this episode I want you to think about what your companies work happiness pillars are, and what loving it looks like within your company for your workers.


“What can we be doing to create more happiness at work?” - Samantha


1.08 - The interesting landscape of social and physical landscapes around work

3.39 - How managers can tap into the hybrid working team members

7.57 - Looking at your companies work happiness pillars

11.57 - What does loving it look like in a company?

16.26 - Helping people to really think about burnout





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