Reflections on well-being, doing & thinking Part 2 with Samantha Clarke

Aug 25, 2021, 02:00 PM

Welcome back to part 2 of reflections on well-being, doing & thinking. I wanted to follow on from the theme of changing our attitude, our approach, and our mindset to well-being, thinking and doing, so that we can ultimately change the world. In this episode I ask more questions aimed at getting you to drive forward, new ways of being, innovating, curating, connecting, and communicating. We must lead differently, we must be different, and especially in these times, which are calling for us to be adaptive. These questions are designed to help you to start thinking about how you can handle change with confidence.


9.18 - What is 1 action you could take to make a difference to your wellbeing a year from now?

12.23 - What do you not want anyone to know about in your working life?

14.37 - What resources are you not tapping into?

17.24 - When did you feel you couldn’t support someone to your best ability?


“Until we get better at understanding what resources we have and don’t have, how we can tap into them and when we need to, we won’t be the best versions of ourselves.”





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