Reduce Stress and Anxiety in Yourself and Others with Samantha Clarke

Jul 28, 2021, 04:28 PM

Today, I wanted to lean into all things stress and anxiety. Why? Well, I often hear a lot from my clients that stress is something that has been creeping up to crazy levels over the course of this year. So, because of this I wanted to discuss what we can start to do to notice what we do with stress, and with ourselves when it builds up. Also, how we can support others, either personally or professionally, who are going through varying degrees of stress and how they're exhibiting that stress too.


“Pain is to the body what stress is to the mind.” - Samantha


2.37 - The science behind stress

4.33 - What are the moods, environments and situations that bring up stress for you?

9.33 - How do we respond to stress?

16.57 - Creating the right interventions for stress

23.13 - Building awareness of others in stress





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