Navigating Transitions with Samantha Clarke

Jun 02, 2021, 02:00 PM

In this episode I talk about navigating transitions. How do we navigate this transition now, as, especially in the UK, things are starting to open up, and people are moving from maybe working fully remotely to being part in the office? This is coming with a mixture of anxiety, or maybe a bit of excitement about seeing co-workers again. it's important for us to think about how this pandemic has had wide reaching and lasting transformations into how we think about work. Today I look at how we can start to empower our people to make better decisions for themselves, as well as the managers to step into a place of leading more effectively and drawing out the best in their people.


“Identify ways to get specific answers and be better in your questions to get clarity and a deeper understanding.”


1.57 - Experimenting in new ways to create better results

3.04 - The architect and firestarter stages of evolution of attitudes

5.25 - How do we create certainty, autonomy and meaning?

10.49 - Why are people investing in your company?

14.26 - Avoiding losing time because of stress and overwhelm

16.09 - The 3 ways to navigate change


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