Vanessa Johnson-Burgess on Changemaking Through Stretching and Striving for Justice Across Your Organisation

May 19, 2021, 02:00 PM

Vanessa Johnson-Burgess is a HR and employment law expert. She's also the founder and CEO of Inclusive Recruiting, a disruptive recruitment agency challenging the mindsets and behaviours around recruitment, training and consultancy. She is really about how do we bring an embed true inclusion and belonging in the workplace. She dives into what it means to create more integrity around your inclusion and belonging practices? How do leaders start to have these conscious conversations around inclusion in the workplace? Where have we been going wrong? How do we include the different generational attitudes and interpretations around inclusion and belonging?


“Build an appropriate DEI strategy, build it to be changemaking and stretching and striving for justice across your organisation.” - Vanessa




6.22 - How can you think about equity at the heart of your HR strategy?

9.12 - Has the murder of George Floyd shown that we been sleepwalking with our DNI strategies?

12.41 - How to assess gaps in your company across generations?

19.00 - How can companies harness the voice of the younger generations?

27.41 - Vanessa shares initiatives that work

32.08 - How we can ensure the technology we use doesn’t lean into bias?

42.13 - The importance of being aware of your wellness


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