Samantha with Dan Murray-Serter on moving through anxiety to soul work in a pandemic

Apr 21, 2021, 01:11 PM

Daniel Murray-Serter is the co-founder of Heights, a supplement company that prides itself on using science to inform the creation of its products. He is also the host of the number 1 business podcast, Secret Leaders. Daniel gives insights on how to become a changemaker through techniques such as working with psychologists to help align the values of co-founders, and how values are important not just for your company but for brain care as well. He also reveals ways in which you can utilise radical candour to achieve company objectives.


“You can have any kind of company, but we felt like by defining values first, that would be a great way to start.” – Daniel




24.39 – Galvanising your team and purpose with a clear company mission

27.05 – Techniques to align founder values

35.30 - What do values look like in action?

35.46 – How to practice radical candour in your company

40.13 – How to run a company during a pandemic


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