QROT-067: Tennessee House Health Subcommittee Testimony - All-cause mortality increased among those who took the solution

Mar 07, 2022, 12:22 PM

Audio from a video on red voice media, but that is clearly the public broadcast video of (3/1/22?) testimony by a Dr. Ryan Cole and another doctor, before a subcommittee hearing. HB1871.
Scientifically clear that the "solution":
- does not prevent acquisition of the disease
- does not prevent transmission - those who got the solution can acquire and transmit at equal volumes.  
- does not prevent illness from the disease
- does not prevent death from the disease
In fact, all-cause mortality has been shown to be higher in numerous studies among those who have received the "solution" versus those who have not. 

"Secretory Iga is the most abundant antibody in our body and it does not get stimulated from any of these [solutions]. . . . Secretory Iga is in the respiratory system, and that is one of the main reasons why [people who've taken the solution] are harboring more [of the problem]

Univ of Wisc., Univ of Calif, a Vietnam study(?), and others.

Plus analysis and commentary. 

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