MPOT-01: January 15, 2022

Jan 15, 04:12 PM

Miscellaneous Points of Truth
:30 NYC Mayor
1:45 DC Mayor
1:59 Supreme fault
4:18 Further appeal court built-in shenanigans
6:44 Public Health Emergency magically extended with no Congress input
10:54 Abandonment of principle of "I will take your money because we are simply transacting legally. Nothing else is my business"
14:18 DC Mayor Revisit


:30 NYC Mayor deciding to expressly take on foreign collusion. You know... because.

1:45 DC Mayor: "Show your PAPERS!" Unjustified Unconstitutional Lunacy.

1:59 How'd we get here? It's partially the Supreme Court's assumptions that the Constitution would not GENERALLY be ignored. They avoid the Constitutional issue if they can and decide on things like procedural grounds. Which is how Americans lost half the case last week through the Supreme Court. But when they stick to that "avoid the Constitutional issue" when we ARE in a Constitutional CRISIS... well, it's a problem.
And if it WAS looked at on Constitutional grounds, how would that look?
Founding Fathers; "Expensive tea?!! We want our own country!!  But yeah... make us take experimental medical treatment? We're good with that."

4:18 Another procedural court trick - not allowing various federal court interpretations to stand, and instead consolidating 34 cases into one, and conveniently bringing them to a district that decides to overturn the various stays. Separate rules are supposed to be allowed to stand unless it comes all the way to the Supreme Court.

6:44 Public Health Emergency extended another WHOLE QUARTER... umm... via unilateral decision!
If literally the reason for the favorable Court decision is that Congress is the proper place to act if there is time to ponder and consider, how is it that something as expensive and controlling as a Public Health Emergency extension is not Congress' job to decide?
(Accidentally was thinking of the wrong person when I referred to a female - HHS Secretary is actually a man - Xavier Becerra)

10:54 Leave anyone be, outside the reason you are transacting? The epitome of free markets contributing to equal treatment? ABANDONED - PayPal gives in to in essence a social credit score on steroids - "you don't get your money, because we found out you did not comply-speak, even though our only technical business with you is just for people to voluntarily contribute to you." 

14:18 DC Mayor revisit and last point.