The MadTech Podcast Special: Expiration of Cookies

Episode 163,   Jan 21, 2022, 09:00 AM

Our thirteenth edition of The MadTech Podcast Special explores the cookieless future. The impending demise of the third-party cookie has had a huge impact on the ad tech industry, and knowing how to progress when this finally takes place is the leading topic of conversation.

In this episode, Søren Dinesen, CEO, Digiseg; Josh Mortensen, CMO, Digiseg; and Thomas Lytzen, director of ad sales and tech, Ekstra Bladet joins ExchangeWire’s Lindsay Rowntree to explore how the ad tech industry will be impacted when the expiration date for third-party cookies eventually arrives. In this session they cover, how the impending demise of the third-party cookie has impacted the existing data infrastructure that underpins not just the ad tech industry, but also data privacy from the perspective of the consumer; what principles long-term solutions need to possess in order to go the distance; what a privacy-first agenda looks like in comparison to our current landscape; and whether the digital advertising industry is ready for this shift.