EP 21: AC/DC (Part 1) - The Origin Story

Episode 21,   Feb 08, 2022, 01:47 PM

In this first installment of the AC/DC story, we discover the background story's of the pivotal members of the band including the upbringing and teenage years of Bon Scott, Malcolm Young & Angus Young. We learn what it was like for Malcolm & Angus to be raised in Sydney, Australia after immigrating from Scotland in the midst of the Big Freeze of the early 60’s, how they coped with having a famous brother in George Young as he fronted popular Aussie band the Easybeats and how this influenced their own path to becoming talented musicians themselves.
 We also take a look at how AC/DC came to be, how did they come up with their famous name, how Angus developed his iconic schoolboy look and who were the early members of the band that came and went including original glam rock front man Dave Evans who made way for the charismatic, wild man Bon Scott. As we take a look at Bon's interesting life before joining AC/DC as he experiences brushes with the law, loads of sex, drugs and even marriage, the moment he became a pivotal member of four unique bands such as The Spektors, The Valentines, Fraternity and Mount Lofty Rangers as well as the drink driving motorcycle accident that almost cost Bon his life and his dream of being a rock and roll star.

All this and more in this awesome episode. Enjoy!!!

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