The Downfall Of Joe Budden

Season 9, Episode 94,   Mar 22, 2022, 04:00 AM

She and jersey city recording artist Clinton LG speak on the repetitiveness of the content as well as the obvious tension between the co-host that helped divide the brand the fans grew to love. The two chop it up about the several different situations that helped contribute to the downfall of what was once the best hip-hop podcast available. It's safe to say without any child podcast sponsors or deals that this up-and-coming tour is an effort to bring the feeling back to what is a dying podcast. Is Ice an elitist with his constant trolling of the podcast fans over materialistic items that he deems a priority? can Ish really sit there and comment on fatherhood ducking child support? Why does everything Joe budden touches fall apart? Let's Talk About it with the Nothinpodcast