#65 Pregnancy after IVF with Amber Izzo

Season 6, Episode 1,   May 03, 2022, 11:01 PM

Welcome to Series 6 of the Finally Pregnant Podcast!

Today’s guest is the wonderful Amber Izzo who is Pregnant after IVF. Amber is the host of Am I Ovary Acting Podcast. She was also the brains and the brawn behind the Fight for IVF campaign. 

When we spoke Amber was just over 14 weeks pregnant and she openly shares the ups and downs of what that time has been like. 

A couple of things Amber mentioned that I wanted to share links to here if you are feeling the same.

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We also discussed how difficult it can be to move from a fertility clinic to NHS maternity care. I did a survey on this a little while back and I know it’s something people struggle with as we just don’t know what happens next! When you join the Hang Out you’ll get access to a back catalogue of speakers including the infertile midwife Sophie who talks us through that NHS maternity pathway. Find out more and join here.

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