#68 Natural Pregnancy after TTC and loss with Seetal Savla

Season 6, Episode 4,   Jun 01, 2022, 07:18 AM

Seetal Savla @SavlaFaire and her husband have been trying to conceive for six years after a diminished ovarian reserve diagnosis. Having experienced a devastating miscarriage and four unsuccessful IVF cycles, Seetal got pregnant on their first donor egg IVF cycle, but sadly suffered a traumatic miscarriage at 9 weeks. 

Since Mother's Day 2019, Seetal has been documenting her ongoing journey on her blog www.savlafaire.com and in the media to raise awareness of infertility, destigmatise the subject – particularly among South Asian communities – and support others in similar situations.

Seetal and Neil are now pregnant again having conceived naturally which is absolutely wonderful news but even when you get pregnant naturally, as you’ll hear us discuss, you carry the grief, fear and anxiety of the journey with you throughout the pregnancy. In addition to what we cover in our chat Seetal also mentioned to me her fears around buying or receiving mat clothes, and baby paraphernalia and only feeling able to do it when it was absolutely necessary and I know that’s something I and many others will relate to too!

As discussed in this episode, please find Seetal's series with Ferring Pharamceuticals here.

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It was the Five X More report that came out most recently (I said the opposite within the episode).

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