#69 Finally pregnant as a black woman with Mardochee

Season 6, Episode 5,   Jun 07, 2022, 11:01 PM

Welcome to the latest epsiode of the Finally Pregnant Podcast where we hear from Mardochee who shares openly on her insta page @mermaidmaman that she is normalizing black women and infertility. Now finally pregnant, I’m honoured she has brought that conversation to the podcast. 

Recognising that it is Pride month – Mardochee is a gay woman married to her wife Yvette - I also want to link to one specific post which I mention in the episode. 

If any of the issues raised in our chat affect you please know that you are not alone. Please know that there are millions of people who want to change things and that if I can do anything to help progress that change I am here.

As promised in the episode please find the link to the recent Five X More report. Please do put some time aside to read through it and give them a follow too!

Huge thanks again to Mardochee for sharing her story with me. Please do go and give her a follow. Why not screenshot the episode whilst you’re listening, share it on your insta and tag us both right now!

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Much love,
Cat x

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