#72 Pregnancy after infertility and loss with Pippa Vosper

Season 6, Episode 9,   Jul 05, 2022, 11:01 PM

Welcome to the penultimate episode of this series of the Finally Pregnant Podcast. Huge thanks to all who have shared their stories and to you for listening! If you have enjoyed the podcast and haven’t yet left a review, now is your chance! 

This week I’m joined by writer, presenter and brand consultant Pippa Vosper

During our conversation Pippa shares her heartbreaking story of losing her second son Axel, an IVF pregnancy, in her second trimester. Pippa and her partner went on to have multiple rounds of IVF and she finally gave birth to daughter Audrey in Spring 2019.

Pippa has done so much to raise awareness of babyloss and infertility, sharing her story in publications such as Vogue – where it was the most shared article. She has also recently brought together some heartbreaking and yet inspiring stories as part of her upcoming book Beyond Grief: Navigating the Journey of Pregnancy and Baby Loss, out August 2022.

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