Surviving Scandal

Season 9, Episode 99,   Jul 18, 2022, 04:00 AM

In this episode of The Nothinpodcast DJEfsclusive addresses scandal and how famous people navigate after being accused of things true or not.  She breaks down the Surviving R. Kelly documentary and the accusations.  She unpacks the other side of his case and sheds light on the fact that though he has a sickness he should not be aware there are others complacent in his crimes and because of that fact others should be facing jail time especially since they claim he is running a criminal enterprise.  

Funk Flex addresses Pete rock and exposes his issues with CL smooth Nas and a rap group that continued to assault him and extort him causing him to relocate.  The verbal abuse is coming on the heels of Pete rock's response to flex after flex and Conway of Griselda engaged in a petty back and forth.

 Rapidfire nothingness touch on T-pain's twitch stream with Akademiks and more