Episode 2,   Jul 27, 2022, 07:40 PM

1:44 What is an A-Player? 3:04 How do you find A-Players? 3:59 Why is specialism important for successfully recruiting A-Players? 5:49 Should you use an external or internal recruiter? 6:59 The importance of “passive candidates” and why do you need an external recruiter to find them. 10:49 The ROI on A-Players. 11:49 Talent as a profit-center instead of a cost-center. 12:49 Why is it important for A-Players to be involved in hiring? 14:49 The importance of executive sponsorship in the hiring process. 15:49 Why do A-Players want to work with A-Players? 17:49 Different personality types of “A” Players. 18:49 The importance of your company’s employment brand. 20:34 Is it necessary to pay above average compensation for top talent? 23:19 How important are flexible work arrangements? 24:19 Message to the C-Suite: Charge more money for your products! 24:49 The impact of low pay: a downward spiral of disinvestment. 28:49 How to identify the characteristics of “A’ Players in interviews.

Welcome to the second episode of the Get Talent! Podcast. On this show we discuss how to identify, attract and hire top tier talent, often referred to as A-Players. We share stories and tips we’ve learned from our experience working as an external recruiter in the areas of relocation, tax and immigration recruitment, but these can be applied to any hiring scenario.