GET TALENT! | #28 | Business Development Hiring

Episode 28,   Mar 30, 01:24 PM

There are three kinds of business development hires. Which type is right for your business?

Business development is critical, but aligning this role with a business’s goals is difficult. How do you find the right salesperson for your company? The last thing you want is to spend thousands on a hire who can’t return that investment. 

As sales and recruitment pros, Ben and Danny break down the three types of business development candidates. They explain which biz dev style suits each company type, business cycle point, and budget. You can’t miss this episode - it’s business strategy gold!

01:24  Hiring business development candidates
02:25  What is business development?
03:23  Different positions in business development
04:23  The “rainmaker”  
06:03  The “influencer”
06:51  The “up-and-comer”
07:13  When do you hire each type of salesperson?
07:38  For mature businesses in a commoditized industry
08:47  For new, disrupter businesses
10:41  Pros and cons of influencers
11:22  Pros and cons of up-and-comers
12:13  For mature businesses with mentorship opportunities 
13:46  Pairing the types of business developers
14:43  Identifying what client companies need
17:03  Timing business cycles
18:28  How to be realistic in the marketplace
19:44  Steps to succeed with your recruiter
21:00  Client case study
23:05  The importance of business strategy
23:10  Hiring within your industry 
23:51  Balancing sales ego
24:15  Questions to ask the hiring company
25:20  When is industry experience needed?
27:35  Understanding hiring timelines
28:20  Sell the candidate on the company
30:29  Don’t overextend the budget
32:02  Find a good recruitment partner
33:26  Ben’s experience in each phase

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