Future of Work: Job Disruption in Sales and Marketing In Web 3.0

Season 5, Episode 3,  Aug 05, 06:33 AM

The Future of Work is changing. Disruption is coming to the sales and marketing professions. Are you ready?

In this video, we explore the future of work in sales and marketing and how to prepare for the coming changes. We discuss the impact of technology on jobs, new ways of working, and how to stay ahead of the curve in your career.

I am joined by special guests Mark S A Smith and Tom Leonard.

Mark S A Smith
After a successful career in helping bring billions of dollars of disruptive technology to the market, Mark S A Smith now works with Visionmakers to turn market challengers into market leaders. He works with C-Suite leaders determined to transform their business from a market challenger to a market leader in 3 years or less.

Tom Leonard
Creator and Host of the Gamers Change Lives Podcast, a show highlighting how esports entrepreneurs worldwide can create jobs in their community. MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Marketing experience in entertainment – Netflix and Warner Bros.

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