Episode 5,   Aug 18, 2022, 01:17 PM

2:01: What is a job hopper?
4:20: Job hopper definition.
4:55: Red flags.
5:25: How long should you be at a job before leaving?
5:53: Job Hopper or "Great Resignation?"
6:43: How to interpret job changes.
8:00: Understand the candidates motivations for leaving.
8:35: The role of a recruiter.
9:10: What's better one job for a long time or many jobs for a short time?
9:25: Can you stay in a job too long?
9:50: Job hopping and salespeople.
10:53: Millennials.
11:13: The new employment "contract".
12:00: Why working in one place is actually a bad thing.
12:30: What is the right tenure?
13:00: When you should make more moves?
14:35: "No matter where you go there you are".
15:06: Danny's closing thoughts.

On this episode we discuss one of the most controversial topics for
recruiters: job hoppers! Depending on who you talk to this phenomenon is a talent pandemic, and some just say it's a sign of the times. Ben Cross and Danny Herskowitz from GLOMO weigh in on the issues and what's the right amount of tenure.