QROT-076: The Irony of How the Ukraine History Books Will Read. And Related

Aug 21, 2022, 02:46 PM

An off-the-cuff stream-of-conscience episode, after seeing that the war seems to be pivoting in favor of the Ukrainians. And why how the history books will likely not read correctly in a real sense of the causes of their human suffering, and why, if it continues, it is not a good thing in ways less obvious to some.

World Level Experts' Opinion on Russia - Ukraine prior to invasion - Chomsky.

A Bait Job, then eventually a winnable proxy war. The beginnings of fake history. The real reason for the human misery.

In the new context of fantasy world truth, and the inherent tyranny attached, Putin losing, while a win against the immediate misery for Ukrainians, is not at all a win in the larger picture. 

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