Episode 8,   Sep 08, 2022, 12:58 PM

00:30 Introducing Rhiannon 02:31 One of Danny’s first jobs 03:47 How do other employees benefit from internships? 04:23 Rhiannon’s job search and internship experience 07:52 What are the advantages of having an internship before a full time job? 08:43 Learning from internships 09:29 The number one benefit for interns 10:54 A unique approach to working as an intern 11:50 Why should companies hire interns? 12:13 A new generation of perspectives 13:43 Build brand recognition 14:40 Create a talent pipeline 15:46 What are three ways employers can improve their internship programs? 16:13 Empower your interns with real work 18:31 Define your program and ideal candidate before hiring 20:09 Diversify your advertising 22:19 The transformative power of a positive internship experience 22:48 ‘Previewing’ a career 24:10 Make your internship program effective 25:18 Growth opportunities on both sides

Why do we expect young college graduates to know what they want to do with their entire lives the moment they join the workforce? Equally scary is the prospect of hiring a new employee that's not a good fit.

Luckily, internships are here to help! Say goodbye to coffee runs, and say hello to empowering fresh perspectives. This episode walks you through the components of a successful internship program.

Danny talks with Rhiannon Brown, GLOMO intern turned full-time employee, about the advantages of internships, how to tap your intern's highest potential, and the rewarding growth opportunities for both interns and hiring companies.

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