OR 13 - Night Raid and Ozzie - JE Russell

Sep 14, 09:00 AM

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Order of Battle Podcast special episode Operation Recall - Night Raid and Ozzie

Jason was in Atlanta for Joelanta, a second show for the spring held Toylanta main show. While there he was able to gather the dream team of Chris Scott, Los Castigadores (IG: @the_punisher_magfed), Don Koehne (IG: @elitecobra2000), and Mark Gerwing of Mark2Design Toys (IG: @mark2design). 

At 2am in the hotel lobby, while Jason was making sure another collector was ok, this dream team interviewed returning guest JE Russell. Russell’s character concept, Night Raid and Ozzie, was selected as one of the original 16 Operation Recall designs by the Legendary Design team. Ron Rudat himself has been working on the ideations to bring this character to life. 

Chris, John, and crew, in Jason’s absence, discussed Oswald, the best of buddies, how Night Raid gives off serious Oktober Guard vibes, and their enjoyment of the Operation Recall project. Russell is no stranger to toy design, as the co-owner of Chicken Fried Toys, the company that produces a beautiful western themed 4” modern action figure line: Dime Novel Legends. He’s also familiar with ideating from real people and their thoughts on design. You may have seen Keone Young, the voice of Storm Shadow, at shows tabling with CFT this summer. 

This turned out to be a fun conversation and a doozy for Jason to edit. Thanks to everyone who made it happen over beers, yawns, a lot of laughter, and inappropriate jokes. 

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