74. Brian and Paddy Return with Total Action Updates

Episode 74,  Sep 21, 05:00 PM

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Order of Battle Podcast episode 74

Returning to Order of Battle, Brian and Paddy met up with the boys to reveal updates to their Total Action Force volume two and for their Skeletron’s Total Roboskull books! 

They took the time to discuss growing up with Action Force becoming GIJoe, deep diving through archives and public offices, hunting information 35 years lost, and so much more. And on top of all of that, their work in Star Wars and trying to get published in that arena too! 

These two are delightful, incredibly insightful collectors and archivists. They build a beautiful product chalked full of obscure details and gorgeous photography. Jason and Joel have talked many times about the high level of information and product within the GIJoe community; Brian and Paddy continue to raise the bar. 

If you missed their Kickstarter for Total Action Force v2, you can and should Pre-Order it here: https://www.totaltoybooks.com/

You can also read the digital version of Star Wars: Creating Adventure at https://www.totaltoybooks.com/

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