Episode 12,   Oct 06, 2022, 01:18 PM

02:12 Where is the talent?
03:00 Three ways to find talent
03:04 Linkedin
03:20 Industry referrals
03:26 Job boards
03:44 History of Linkedin
04:13 Ben’s experience with Linkedin
06:20 Danny’s experience with Linkedin
07:00 The days of cold-calling
08:11 Linkedin report: 830 million members
08:52 How many Linkedin users are looking for jobs specifically?
09:24 How many Linkedin users are open to work?
10:12 Subtle signals to recruiters
10:46 The most used channel for recruiters
11:26 Candidates not on Linkedin
12:00 Recruiting through Facebook
13:11 Instagram as a recruiting tool
14:13 Is Linkedin over-saturated?
14:45 Text-messaging for recruiting
15:29 Different ways to network
16:05 Creating an employment brand
17:32 ‘In the room’ vs. Linkedin: candidate quality
18:55 GLOMO’s presence at conferences
19:56 Hubspot study: 85% of jobs found through networking
20:23 CNBC: 70% of jobs never published
20:55 Why don’t companies publish jobs?

Job boards are BROKEN!

Did you know that 2.5 million users actively look for jobs through Linkedin? Recruiting cold calls and job listings are out. These days, social media and in-person networking are the recruitment industry’s best tools.

Where is the talent? Ben and Danny share their own experiences with talent-sourcing channels and reveal which ones produce the highest quality candidates. We’re peeling back the curtain. You’ll quickly learn why recruitment is a lot harder than it looks!