The Artist Formally Known As Nicki Minaj (Yeezy)

Season 10, Episode 104,   Oct 09, 2022, 09:52 PM

In this Episode, DjEfsclusive kicks the show off with a very important discussion regarding Kanye West.  
For several years the African-American community has decided that they no longer want to support Kanye because of his political views and choices pertaining to his life and the lives of his children.   In this segment Djefsclusive breaks down topics such as the slavery is a choice comment and what that actually means.  She will dive into the white lives matter t-shirt and why people like him and Candice Owens are the answers to our problems within the black community.

Aside from the black community choosing to turn their back on Kanye because of his choices to rant publicly on social media when he is frustrated with how he is being treated by the Kardashians and or a corporation that he has decided to go into business with, people have decided to ignore the message because they do not like the delivery.  

Instead of considering that he and Candice have been actively trying to expose BLM as a multi-million dollar scam that's the whole purpose was to race bait and encourage protest in black communities that are now in worst shape than they were before the protest and none of those millions have actually gone into these communities. Kanye is being accused of enabling white supremacy.

Nicki Minaj is a poison that is spreading and affecting the female rap game.  Nicki it is time to bow out and everyone agrees.

Mase and Puff have been going back and forth for several years and I think that we need to have a real conversation about the business practices of the music business in a whole.