TSOT052: Pf-LIE-zer CEO admission: The FIRST time Pfizer uses the "tech", it's when BILLIONS are in the crosshairs

Nov 24, 2022, 01:08 PM

CEO Alfred Bourla, a true demon on the level of Fauci (just go look up his condescending, threatening interviews about those who will not comply), admits in a friendly environment some interesting things. 

NO "successful" use of mRNA prior.
But don't worry.. they for two business days to convince this "very skeptical" CEO.
Not weeks, not months, for something they'd never done EVER. Two days. (Wonder how much of that was that they were being told it'd be okay and they'd suffer no risk from it)
But then also we hear the true motivation ("better tech" solutions for all vaccines and other applications)

As he discusses other applications, The third thing Bourla says mRNA applies to is... gene therapy.. .which he says is not ready yet. 

Okay... think through that again. Remember all that "it's not gene therapy" about the jab when critics were discussing the concerns? You know... because it is fricking literally Messenger Ribonucleic Acid??
All the No Thinking Allowed Police said "it's not gene therapy."

But Bourla literally says mRNA is used for gene therapy.


But they've only used it for "vaccines" but not "gene therapy" yet.  Two plus two equals five. 

Remember what I've said before... the "side effect" no matter how large it is, is just the effect that Big Pharma is not marketing at the time. 

mRNA jab - not marketing that it is "gene thereapy"... so "it's not". Even though it's messenger RNA. Ignore whatever F-ing side effect comes up because it is literally delivering genetic instructions.

mRNA marketed as "gene therapy"? Well, then they're marketing the fact that it is literally delivering genetic instructions.

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