TSOT053: MORE people I know have valve problems, What SOME Institutions MUST know. More.

Nov 26, 2022, 12:03 PM

In previous episodes I've explained why I feel like the pied piper of heart valve problem stories. And here, yet another just is blurted in front of me (and I'm the only one to see the pattern - everyone else just of course thinks "that's just too bad for you!"). 

Using some logic, we speculate on what some institutions, like airlines and pro sports franchises, MUST be doing. Hint: The truth, and necessary actions, now are flourishing only on the "black market." Just the way in the former Soviet Union, when people waited in lines to get bread, much of the successful economy was in the black market. Because the official market followed nonsensical rules. 

An an appeal to said industries, where their risk and their value pivots HUGELY on the health of certain key personnel.


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