TSOT055: Crypto Billionaire Found on Beach. Associated Analysis.

Dec 08, 2022, 06:45 PM

[CORRECTION: At 11:00 I incorrectly mentioned Operation Paperclip, when I clearly did not mean the infamous Nazi scientist influx, but instead meant Operation Mockingbird - the infamous capturing of journalists by the CIA and/or literal planting of agents into "journalism"]
[Clarification: Went past my skis in explaining, at about 22:52, the China World Cup coverage, and never actually explained the basics before analyzing it - some of China's coverage shows the players wearing masks, even though the players are not wearing masks]

Nikolai Mushegian

Listen - not everything is proven at any given moment. Crimes are certainly not solved because they're known up front.
Crowd-sourced investigation, potentially of infinite value, is also related to crowd-sourced speculation.
Because until you piece together what MAY have happened, you don't know what to look for and how to proceed.
NEVER, EVER apologize for speculating on big, important topics. But also note frankly, as I am now, that you do not know the entirety.
(nor would any investigative agency know the entirety, until many, many man hours had been burned - is that to mean we're not supposed to show an awareness of it? Is it to mean that curiosity and a drive for truth is to be extinguished, except for in the cases that they virtue-signal greenlight us to think of?*)

1. Background on another "billionaire" eventually found guilty as it potentially overlaps with what is happening here. ( #BlackMailOperation #ControlThroughPuppetry )
2. It's what Lying Agencies around the world do, along with whoever is using their inherent dirty ways - capture elites, via either favor or blackmail or both.
3. The specifics on this particular billionaire. Do we "know"? No. But see, that's where the con is - anything is now "fact checked" merely by the idea that it hasn't been "proven" yet. And even then, it is really that OFFICIALLY whether they want to SAY it's "proven" or not. Not the way discourse in the real world works. Because they're trying to get our heads into a fantasy world of One-story-which-is-the-official story.
4. At the far end of that spectrum, if we continue down the Official Lies Dominate path, we have China ,with true insanity as to what their citizens are or are not even allowed to IMAGINE as they consider whether or not other parts of the world may be taking a different approach - Truly epitome of insanity modification of the coverage of the World Cup.

*Hint... if that is the route, NONE of the biggest crimes by the biggest players would be on the list that gets virtue-signal greenlighted for us to think of. It is why we must STUBBORNLY discuss those things that they don't want us to.  They must be afraid of our inherent strength. That means strength not just to defend, but to think.

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